※ZTE社Power Conditioner SF5800L-JA supports output control.

ZTE社  Power Conditioner SF5800L-JA supports output control.
Even if the power conditioner is not replaced, output control can be handled by adding PMS.
※Certified by北海道電力, 東北電力, 関西電力, 中国電力, 四国電力, 九州電力, etc.

Features of PMS:
  1) All-in-one and compact
  The monitoring, control and communication devices are all-in-one and are designed compactly.
  2) Stable communication quality
  The automatic search setting of 4G signals is applied, and the double design of the antenna provides better communication quality stability than the industry average level.
  3) With environmental sensor
  An outdoor environment sensor with 3-in-1 detection functions for illuminance, temperature, and humidity is installed as standard. The weather forecast + local environment sensor detection function can automatically detect accurate operating conditions and failures.
  4) With AGPS function
  Has AGPS function built into PMS.
  5) AI analysis
  AI analysis enables smart management support for PMS cloud information.

ZTE社製 SF5800L-JA Output control compatible!

PMS-4G-A100 L

Power conditioner Monitoring System PMS
The remote monitoring system provides the monitoring service necessary for the operation of the solar system and the AI-IoT service that visualizes invisible information.

Smart dash board
  Developed on the premise so that users can check the power generation status and site environment (temperature, humidity, illuminance) data on the cloud display screen to monitor multiple power plants. (One unit available)
  Checking the operating status and failure occurrence status of the power plant in real time based on the dashboard data will lead to the suppression of loss.

PMS monitoring system
  You can remotely monitor the operating status and failures of the PV system that cannot be judged visually.
  Through the cloud, AI detection automatically detects, remotely monitors the power generation equipment and the surrounding environment, and notifies you of abnormalities in power generation deterioration, allowing you to centrally manage the status of all power stations in real time.
  An IoT energy management solution that includes a separately sold meter monitoring system, a repeat shutdown tool at the time of an accident, and a UPS realizes efficient and safe power plant management.

Our Case

PMS construction examples in Japan and Taiwan. Please contact us for more details.

PMS-4G-A100(X) Series specifications

ProjectPMS-4G-A100L | PMS-4G-A100
Case dimensionsW 300 mm × H 300mm × D 150mm
※Not including protrusions.
Weightabout 5.5 Kg
Power supplyAC100~240V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption4W(AC100Vh)
Use environmentOutdoor (no direct sunlight), altitude 2,000m or less
Communication method4G(Built-in module)
Ethernet LAN10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX
USB portUSB 2.0 x 2 Ports
RS-485 portRS-485 x 2 Port
Operating temperature range 10 ~ 55℃( no condensation or freezing)
Storage temperature range 15 ~ 60℃( no condensation or freezing )
Humidity range20 ~ 80 % RH

※The specifications can be modified according to the actual installation situation. Please contact us for details.

PMS-4G-A100L Product composition

PMS-4G-A100 Product composition

PMS features:
  1) Output control + communication integrated, 4G communication stability improved.
  2) Environmental sensors (illuminance, temperature, humidity) are standard products, which can provide more accurate power generation information.
  3) AI analysis We can support the operation by surely grasping the operating status of photovoltaic power generation.
  4) WISUN smart meter Read the smart meter data to accurately grasp the power sale status. * (Purchased separately)
  5) UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Even in the event of an accident or natural disaster, it can respond without the effect of power failure. ※(In addition)